Lifted is founded on the idea that we lift more than weights, we lift our lives. What this means is that lifting weights transcends the physical act of exercise. Weight training allows us strengthen our bodies to its max potential, which allows us to literally be the strongest version of ourselves. As our strongest physical form manifests, it doesn’t do so alone, and we begin to build a strong mind and develop character. Lifting weights teaches us how to push our limits, overcome resistances against us, and confront failure progressively. Training is not just for the physical form, but for our mental and spiritual states as well. Therefore we do not just train, we train LIFTED!

After completing his internship and graduate work, Ryan moved back to his hometown roots in Thibodaux, Louisiana and started to offer personal training services and opened his private practice as a dietitian under “Lifted Nutrition”. After three years, Ryan ended up purchasing the location of Thibodaux’s most historic health club, Larousse’s Gym, as the location for what is now known as Lifted Nutrition & Fitness. Interestingly enough, Larousse’s Gym was the gym that Ryan first found weight training/bodybuilding and his first job within the gym industry at only 15 years old. Ryan refers to that coming full circle and eventually opening Lifted at this historic location in the community, as a divine opportunity that he was created for!