Meet The Team

Meet the team that is here to SERVE you, and go through the process of optimizing health WITH you. You know….the LIFTED way.

Ryan Orgeron

Founder / Dietitian / Trainer

Ryan has 15+ years working in the gym industry, 10+ years as a personal trainer/strength coach, and 7+ years as a Registered Dietitian. As a trainer, Ryan specializes in strength training and corrective exercise, serving all types of clients from the youth to elderly (9 to 96yo). Whether it is learning how to properly exercise as a young teen, strengthening after intense surgery, or just training to be functional as you age, Ryan is the guy you need to see! With his Master’s of Science in Advanced Nutrition, Ryan is able to improve the overall health quality of his clients by using nutrition and supplemental interventions to resolve metabolic and hormonal issues such as diabetes/insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, low testosterone, etc.

Abigail Boudreaux


Abigail has been personal training for 7+ years in both small group and one-on-one personal training. She has been valuable and consistent part of Lifted’s training team for 3+ years now. Abigail specializes in working with clients prioritizing LIFESTYLE change by helping them reach/maintain a healthier self! Abigail enjoys training as a journey, not just an end result, which keeps her training sessions light, fun, & enjoyable for her clients. “It’s my job to educate everyone on the importance of keeping your muscle and strength, not only for the good looks of it, but for your longevity and overall health!”

Hannah Albinson

Trainer / Operations

Hannah’s health journey started when she began embracing exercise to help her strengthen her own mindset as a young teenager. She then took on a coaching role for “Girls on the Run”, a non-profit organization that programs exercise/running to strengthen young girls’ physically and mentally to navigate life experiences. She held that role for 4+ years before discovering personal training. Hannah joined the Lifted team as a new trainer and has not only spent plenty time learning under more experienced trainers, but has also has learned the gym industry, by managing the day to day operations of our facility. Hannah enjoys working with the young female population in our community, so she can share the many benefits of strength training with them in ways she wish she knew of earlier in her own life. Hannah likes to nerd out on all things bodybuilding/powerlifting, and is currently a competitive powerlifter in her own right!

Tanner Guillot

Trainer / Dietitian

Tanner has been a part of Lifted’s team for 2 years as one of our personal trainers and (future) Registered Dietitians. With his degrees in Nutrition/Dietetics, Tanner deeply understands the importance of balanced and intentional nutrition when it comes to our health goals. As a competitive physique bodybuilder in the NPC (National Physique Committee), Tanner practices what he preaches in both the training and nutrition realms, while leading his clients in doing the same. “My career aligns my love for physical fitness with a strong dedication to fostering well-being through balanced nutrition.”